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Below is a sample storyboard created by Carmella Rodriguez during UCD’s IT 5340 online class in the Spring of 2008. Her finished movie shows the connection of how the storyboard helps to plan a digital story.

Read a little bit more about Carmella and her journey with digital storytelling below.

Sample Storyboard and

Finished Movie

A little bit about the author....Carmella Rodriguez

I've worked with a lot of people creating video photo montages to music. Their personal stories usually came out when we were editing their projects. Usually the videos were emotional because the client's family was involved. Talking with these people I saw that there could be so much more. A lot of times I felt like a bartender listening to people talk about their lives, a lot of times it felt like a therapy session and I usually got a hug after we finished editing their video. I felt like there could be so much more to these stories.

I had never heard of the Center for Digital Storytelling until I started graduate school and I had an a-ah moment. This is what I had been looking for to help me work with people who  could tell a story such as the ones I use to listen too. I decided to obtain the certificate since this was so close to the way I wanted to help people. I've taken two of the three courses and I'm signed up for the third in the summer.

I'm planning to continue to work with Digital Storytelling as a creative therapy tool.

Why did you choose this story to tell?

I chose to tell this animation story because I have a passion for animation and ASIFA already gives animation classes. We don't have a formal class curriculum and I thought this would really help beginners start with an easy process. Students who try animation usually love it and will continue with it or be bored because they don't have the patience for the detail or the time it takes. Cutout animation helps that whole process from being so tedious and time-consuming. I wanted to show different objects being animated such as objects from construction paper and the mannequin moving around on the screen.

I loved drawing as a child and I'm trying to bring it back in my life through mediums that are fun. This was my first animation and I'm sure I will complete many more. One of my personal goals with all of this is to create interactive educational stories for children that teach them about life and how to cope in this great big world through everyday lessons.

How have you changed as a result of making/telling this story?

The class helped me think through the curriculum process with objectives and outcomes. I was also able to modify my story from a documentary style to first person. I wasn't sure how that would work with a project like this. The project itself was a lot of fun. I had a little 5 yr. old help me. I taught him many things all the way through and now he's ready to make his own. I taught him how to use the computer to capture images to the editing software. Creating my first animation gave me a lot of confidence. Because I had never created my own animation in such intricate detail the one thing I forgot about was to think of it as film, the shots, wide, medium, close-up and the transitions between shots. I would do the process a little differently for better shots, consistency, and time.

What curricular area does your story fit into?

This story fits into the unit plan I created. Once students have decided upon their story and written or verbalized their scripts, they will get to watch the story and learn the easy animation process from a 3-minute video. If there's questions, the instructors will be able to answer them or if the students need more demonstration the instructor can create a quick character. The goal of the video is to provide the students with an instructional demonstration through the actual process instead of listening to the instructor talk. It will take much longer if the instructor has to demonstrate the whole process. Students can watch the film again if they want while the instructor is helping other students with their projects.

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